About Us

seakr is the place where those that need help in maintaining their quality of life whilst living in their own home can find trained, compassionate and reliable carers that give of themselves every day.

This place is in the communities of Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead where we work on the ground with charities and other organisations to identify and support care professionals. It is also online here and as we grow, so will our use of technology to help everyone to receive and deliver care in an efficient and heartfelt way.

Our Mission

At seakr, we are on a mission to set you free, to deliver the care you know your clients deserve and ensure you hold a position in society that reflects the importance of the work you do. Not just in your income, but also within your local community. Imagine having the time to be thorough, making a difference in someone’s life and feeling their respect and appreciation whilst being supported by a network of other like-minded seakr carers.

Meet The Team

My name is Ian and I am the founder of seakr. Day to day, Fiona and I run it together. I remember talking to some of my friends in early 2016 who also work in health and social care, about the shortage of care professionals in Berkshire and Surrey. I wanted to do something important and improve the lives of carers and the families that rely on them so I developed the model, helped train our first group of carers and we started delivering by November 2016. It has taken over my life for the better and it feels good to know that we are making a real difference to local people’s lives. I have lived in Windsor and Slough for the past 18 years and like to go on a long run in Black Park when I can fit it in. My 13 year old daughter lives with me.

ps. Say seakr like seeker… as in “I am a seeker carer”. My partner came up with this name for our carer community whilst we were on the train from London to Manchester. So tell us if you like it or not!

Being invited in to care for others and their families has always been a privilege – to be put in a position of trust and responsibility to really make a difference is what lies in the hearts of all our carers. I have worked as a community nurse for many years and shared that privilege, as well as the satisfaction of being able to support those in need. After many years of working as a Mental Health Nurse, I shared my passion and knowledge in leadership and management roles within healthcare and value a hands on approach, which I am continuing within the seakr community. We are making a difference in the lives of clients, family members and carers who want and deserve choice and trust leading to great relationships.

Being a Yorkshire Lass living in Surrey with my hubby and 2 boys, you will know if it’s me that answers your call – my accent has not softened much, despite living down south for longer than my upbringing in Yorkshire! I look forward to saying hello.

Being born and bred in Old Windsor, I like to describe myself as being mature with plenty of lifeskills that I bring to the seakr team. During my 20+ years of working in care, I have had the experience of caring from 3 angles: providing hands on care, receiving care for my daughter and being in the office supporting and supervising other carers. I will be the friendly and chatty voice on the other end of the seakr phone making you feel comfortable and waiting to support you.

I have always wanted to make a difference to others, whether its my husband and 3 children, 2 dogs and my bossy cat or those in need in the seakr community. I look forward to getting to know you – give me a call.

Our Compass