As children go back to school this week, seakr is urging parents who are looking for a flexible and fulfilling role to fit around the school run to consider a career in care.

The innovative company has kicked off its ‘Back to School’ recruitment campaign in a bid to attract those with families to find out more about the full and part time positions on offer.


Emma Chandler

Mum of two, Emma Chandler, started her new career at seakr at the beginning of 2017 after searching for a role that would offer her a steady income and the ability to fit working hours around childcare.

Emma commented: “The thing that’s struck me most with seakr is the caring nature of the company. They are very community and family focused and that ethos shines through in the way that care is delivered.

“seakr treats both its carers and clients as one big family that supports each other and their unique way of working allows me to choose my hours so that I can be home during the hours when my children need me most.”

The care provider places a particular emphasis on putting control back into carers’ hands, as they are encouraged to choose their own clients, working hours and rates of pay.

Chief Executive Officer, Ian Rajan, said: “Many of us here at seakr have young families and understand the difficulties that can come with looking after children whilst juggling a job.

“Our tight-knit community of carers provide the support and flexibility that any potential carer would need to build a successful career with us whilst bringing up children and getting the precious time that is needed with them.”

Summing up her time so far at seakr, Emma added: “Unlike some care providers, seakr is very supportive towards clients. There is no strict time limit and we are able to spend the quality time that’s needed with the seakr client to make sure that they are comfortable. I hope to be working here for years to come.”

seakr’s approach to delivering high quality care sees community carers being buddied up to provide support to each other and to ensure that cover is always provided by a carer known to the client at all times.

Free training workshops are hosted every month in the local area to provide on-going support and training for new and existing care professionals.

For more information about seakr and the careers on offer, call 01753 373 083.