Many people would agree that the care sector has been portrayed in a bad light over the past few decades. Too regularly the media likes to concentrate its attention on the bad news, rather than the positive, and the stereotypical image of a stressed care worker working too many hours for poor pay is sadly how many members of the public view the profession.

Here at seakr we have always strived to address the main concerns that people may have about working in care. We are putting seakr care workers back in control, allowing them to choose their pay and working hours and to be able to provide the quality care the community needs.

The demand for carers is higher than ever and if you invest your time and energy into making a career in the sector, this could be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done. Here’s why:

Support and flexibilitycare career

It has always been our belief that a close-knit network of carers who are paid well and given the freedom to choose their own hours will be far more likely to deliver a high quality of care than those who feel undervalued and let down. This is why seakr carers have the flexibility to pick and choose their hours and clients.

Free training

A kind heart and plenty of patience are some of the attributes you need to have to deliver great care – as well as quality training and development. No-matter what your experience or past career choice, if we think that you’ll make a great carer when you attend an interview, we’ll ensure you receive all the training you need to make a success of it.

Good pay

 As well as the control you will have with your working hours, you will also have the ability to choose your own rates of pay and undertake training so you can take full advantage of any opportunities that will allow you to earn more.

Giving something back

 There is no better feeling than finishing your day and being safe in the knowledge that you’ve helped an individual in need. It takes someone really special to understand a person’s needs and to be able to assist them with companionship or support. The welfare of others would be in your hands and hearing that ‘thank you’ at the end of a shift, or witnessing them doing something independently is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

Find out more…

If you’re kind-hearted and caring, and would like the option to work flexibly with the seakr community, get in touch today. Call Fiona on 01753373083 or email helpful@ for more information