When you think of a carer, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? More than likely you’ll think of someone who’s patient, has a kind and caring nature and puts others first.

Here at seakr, we handpick our carers carefully to ensure that they have all of the main qualities that we are looking for. Carers are unique in that people needing assistance will put their life and their trust in your hands, which is why it is so important we get it right first time.

Being a first class carer is not something that can be taught in a classroom or via a textbook, it is a range of qualities that come naturally to you. We’ve outlined the key ingredients that you need to make the best carer.


People needing the help of a carer will sometimes struggle with everyday tasks such a walking, showering or even putting the kettle on. Their incapability to do things may lead to them becoming frustrated or angry, so the ability to stay calm in stressful situations and put them at ease is incredibly important.

A cheery outlook

Often than not, a carer is the only person that an individual comes into contact with during their day, so if you are pleasant, friendly and ready with a smile, you could make a real difference to their life.

Ability to think on your feet

Working in care means that things can change quickly, especially when those who require care have severe needs. The ability to think quickly when faced with a challenge is an invaluable skill and one that can even save lives.


Being able to put yourself in their shoes can make all the difference. Individuals receiving care want and need somebody that they can relate and talk to. Naturally they have stories to tell or emotions that they need to get off their chest and providing a listening ear can give them the reassurance they need.


Care is a profession that requires understanding. When an individual confides in you, they should be assured that anything they do or say will be in confidence and will not be talked about on Facebook or in other environments. It is your job to maintain their dignity and ensure they are safeguarded at all times.

How to become a carer

If you believe you have the caring qualities required to make a great seakr carer, visit our careers page and discover the opportunities that could be on offer in your local area.