Looking for a trusted carer?

Perhaps you have realised that the time has come to get some help with daily tasks in your own home. Things that were once easy, like shopping, cooking or even bathing, dressing or popping out to see friends have become much more difficult. Often, finding the time or living far away from an elderly relative can be challenging. But how do you find a carer you can really trust?

We’re here to help

Why you can be confident in seakr

  • All of our carers do it from the heart
  • They live close by and are reliable and prompt
  • Our free monthly carer workshops provide them with on-going professional development
  • They are are well trained to take care of you safely and securely
  • They buddy-up locally together to provide cover when they cannot deliver the care themselves
  • We have performed detailed background checks on them
  • They have satisfied our stringent acceptance requirements
  • We have hand picked and know each and every one of them
  • We run regular carer community meetings for them where they support one another
  • Simple yet powerful technology lets you know when your carer has arrived and completed all of their tasks
  • The most experienced carers can apply to become seakr care ambassadors. They create your care plans and recommend the best carer to meet your individual needs

How to find a seakr carer

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