The media is awash with advice columns reinforcing how important it is to stay fit and healthy, which foods are good for us and which are not, but we realise that eating well and drinking plenty of fluids can be a difficult task for many less abled people.

Everyday tasks such as shopping, cooking or even making drinks can become more difficult for those with health problems, but the need to follow a nutritious and fulfilling diet never wanes.

Here at seakr, we believe that wholesome meals are paramount in maintaining good physical and mental health, and receiving assistance with eating and drinking, or with meal preparation, is a basic level of care that everyone should receive.

Our carers are trained to lend a helping hand around the home, ensuring that you or a family member is following a varied diet packed with the vitamins and minerals that are essential to maintaining good health.

Nutrition and Hydration Week aims to highlight the dangers that a bad diet can have on our wellbeing. Poor nutrition and hydration can lead to a wide range of health difficulties, including confusion, poor eyesight, low blood pressure, kidney infection, cholesterol problems and a loss of consciousness.

Our cluster of experienced carers can provide regular, daily meals and plenty of fresh fluids for clients who struggle with eating or drinking as part of a tailored care plan.

They are also able to assist with grocery shopping, meal planning and meal preparation, for those who still enjoy the daily task of cooking.

If you or a loved one require assistance with activities around the home, then please get in touch with our friendly team.