We were pleased to hear the government’s announcement that additional grant funding of £2bn would be allocated to social care over the next three years.

With so many cuts to social care funding over the last five years, it’s not difficult to see why the media has been able to publish so many stories about unmet care needs across the sector.

The announcement from the Chancellor revealed that the first billion would be made available immediately; helping to ensure that people receive the social care support they need, whilst also reducing pressure on the NHS.

Ian Rajan, CEO of Seakr, commented: “The announcement from the Government is a positive one. However, it is high time domiciliary care benefited from new ways of thinking. We are now starting to see some disruptive models emerge which will bring more professional carer capacity into the market, whilst empowering those receiving home care to choose their own trusted, individual carers.

“The Chancellor has acknowledged the issues in the sector and although the announcement of funding will not immediately solve these issues, it is a promising start that will hopefully be reinforced by the proposed green paper. Our hope is that this will open the door for a discussion with Local Authorities around creative solutions for meeting this burgeoning demand with finite resources, whilst ensuring high quality care provision.”