Our seakr carers are celebrating becoming Dementia Friends after undertaking a workshop during Dementia Awareness Week.

We pledged to support the national campaign, organised by Alzheimer’s Society, and provided free training to our community of carers.

The new Dementia Friends will become part of a national movement to spread awareness of dementia and inspire people in their communities to get involved in helping those in need.

Fiona Clark, chief operations officer at seakr, commented: “A dementia diagnosis may be devastating to the individual and family members.  Here at our Dementia Friends workshop, we learnt that there are a great many activities and support interventions that can enable the sufferer to get the most out of their life.

“I am so proud of our community of seakr carers to now become part of a bigger community of Dementia Friends.”

dementia friends

Mark, a seakr carer, added: “Deana, a volunteer for Dementia Friends, talked to us about the individual nature of dementia and helped us visualise the mind.  It helped me understand my role better and how as a carer dedicated to one individual, I can develop my caring along individual grounds, pertinent to the person I cam caring for. “

The charity’s new ‘Unite Against Dementia’ campaign aims to get the wider community involved in leading the fight against dementia through a series of initiatives.

The care we provide in and around Berkshire gives our carers the flexibility to take control of the care they provide and to provide more choice for those who require care.