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I want the freedom to choose my work, my clients and my rate 


Home Care Services: our mission

To introduce care seekers to seakr carers with humanity, clarity and speed. 

We are here for you 24/7 because we believe technology should support, rather than replace, relationship building in home care services.

Greater choice for home carers like you

Are you a home carer who is searching for more meaning & belonging?

As a care professional, do you want to break free of time-limited visits, endless travel and a lack of control over your work?

It's time to get the support you need to help you work where and when you choose. Learn everything you need to know before accepting a new client and build more meaningful relationships with them.

I'm a job seeker

Greater choice for those in need of home care services like you

Are you a relative who feels responsible and disappointed by the care system?

As a seeker of care at home services, are you looking for a compassionate, trustworthy individual for practical support and companionship?

Care Seakr will introduce you to professional home carers offering hourly, daytime, night time or live-in care to best suit your needs. Retain your independence and dignity with care provision shaped around you.

I'm a care seeker


There is a better way

Our people-centric model focuses on you as an individual; what you want to achieve, your personality, and your preferences.

We actively campaign for better conditions for home care services and care professionals, because we know that supported and empowered carers provide even higher standards of care provision.

Our trusted home carers provide live in, hourly and overnight care across England. Join us today.

  • Ms L
    “Emma knows me really well and does everything that is required. She will often take something over to my mum for me as I can’t always get there and I tend to worry.”
    Ms L
  • Mrs M
    “I like Lydia to do my tea calls. She’s like a mum to me and is good with food. She always makes sure my meals look as good as they taste and likes doing my housework.”
    Mrs M
  • Mr A
    “Emily is brilliant and has become a friend to the family. Her behaviour is always appropriate. She is going to keep in touch once my son has gone into supported living.”
    Mr A