Home care assistance

We take really good care of our carers so they can do the sometimes physically and emotionally challenging work they do, provide quality care assistance at home, and support your loved one with every need, practical and personal.

Very experienced and compassionate carers apply to join our community every day. Sometimes, they tell us of events that have led them to feel undervalued or taken for granted. Underneath, their story is one of a lack of control. Our proposition to carers is one of FREEDOM. We give them choices.

The freedom to choose to care for you and your loved ones, to choose the kind of care they are best and most comfortable in providing (coffee and companionship through to end of life or spinal injury care), visiting daytime or overnight care or live in care, when they take their holidays and how much they feel would be fair to charge (through us), for the care services they provide.

Book a brief discovery call with us here so that we can help you to arrive at the most appropriate care arrangements and get the ball rolling whether for emergency or planned, long term or respite care.

How does home services assistance work?

We have removed the inconsistency in conventional home care, the worry of being left without care, and the significant effort associated with finding, verifying, and replacing your own private or independent carers, by providing real assistance in home care

By encouraging our carers through the power to exercise the freedom they deserve over whom they care for, we do the leg work and having discovered your complete needs, provide you with a shortlist of just one or two approved seakr care professionals that are interested in you, appropriately qualified, available, motivated and have the personality to build a meaningful relationship with you all.

After introducing you to a Seakr Carer, one you approve of to care for your loved one, we take a back seat to allow the trust  between you grow and a routine to develop. We are always on hand to provide assistance by phone 24/7 here.

Tell us your requirements

Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page and send it to us 24/7 and we will get started immediately, because we know our clients need us when they need us.

Estimated care costs

Our long term care introduction service is completely free of charge to you as a client, with no one-off or endless recurring agency finders fees to be paid. Instead, we simply charge our carers a small administration fee for weekly invoicing and payment collection from you, on their behalf. There is no fee for our carers to pay in joining our community or in between clients. We remain involved behind the scenes for as long as your seakr carer is there for you. You can reach us 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with any queries at all. Each carer in our community sets their own rates. Here are some guidelines to help you.

  • Day time visits (1 hour minimum) from £18.00 per hour
  • Night time care from £18.00 per hour
  • Weekly live-in care from £160.00 per 24 hours

These rates are fully inclusive and vary from carer to carer. They include your carer’s contribution towards care seakr’s costs for invoicing and collecting payment from you, as well as providing them with support through our community.

The difference

As a care introduction agency, you are able to choose the actual carer(s) that will be visiting or providing live in care to yourself or your loved ones. 

You can be confident that we guarantee to find you appropriate home care assistance and carer cover should they for any reason, not be able to attend. Care seakr gives you the best of both worlds, the quality of care you need with the assurance of consistent delivery.

TRUST 88/100

SKILLS 86/100


  • Ms L
    “Emma knows me really well and does everything that is required. She will often take something over to my mum for me as I can’t always get there and I tend to worry.”
    Ms L
  • Mrs M
    “I like Lydia to do my tea calls. She’s like a mum to me and is good with food. She always makes sure my meals look as good as they taste and likes doing my housework.”
    Mrs M
  • Mr A
    “Emily is brilliant and has become a friend to the family. Her behaviour is always appropriate. She is going to keep in touch once my son has gone into supported living.”
    Mr A


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When you have registered your interest, we will contact you to find out more. We will ask about what you need and what is currently in place. We will enquire about the care recipient; their personality, character and care requirements.