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Do you feel trapped, tired and undervalued by your employer? Do you have to accept whatever they offer, just to make up the hours?

Care Freedom is all about you taking control of where and when you work, who you work with and getting fair rates of pay.
Seakr understands that you are under pressure at work and in your personal life. We want to offer fair and supportive services for both the caregiver and receiver. We want a better life for all.
Becoming self-employed is the first step towards liberation. This may sound daunting, but we will help make it happen. You’ll become part of a supportive network of local carers.
Find out how we work. Fill the form on this page and request meeting with our Community Manager.

Join Our Care Community

Although you will be self-employed and operating on your terms, you will be part of the Seakr team. The community champions, other carers and management team are there to support you every day.
If you feel that Seakr could enable you to take back control of your work life, let’s get the ball rolling.
Register your interest by calling our Community Champion or submit the form on this page.

Carer recruitment

If these statements ring true, contact Seakr.

  • I feel trapped in my current care role
  • I don’t know how many hours I will work each week or where I will be sent
  • I am not given enough time to get to know any of the people I care for
  • I feel undervalued and underpaid

We want to help you to make lifestyle choices as well as helping you to find employment. Read more about the process and call or submit the form on this page.

Our Process

  • Step One – Register your interest in working as a seakr carer
    You do not have to be ready to start work with immediate effect to register and you may still be working for another employer.
  • Step Two – One of our team will get in touch for an initial chat.
    We will ask what you are looking for and your experience, whilst answering any questions that you may have. If we both choose to proceed, we will request Proof of Identification, Proof of the Right to Work in the UK and a DBS (we can advise on the process if you do not have a current DBS).
  • Step Three – We will agree a mutual time for a face to face or telephone interview.
    This is our opportunity to get to know you in more detail. We actively gather as much information as possible about you, to ensure that we can provide a good care matching service. If we both choose to proceed, we will ask you to set up as Self Employed. We appreciate that this may seem daunting, however, we can support you with the process.
  • Step Three – We aim to find a good match.
    Drawing on our bank of compassionate local carers, we will work to find the ideal personality and experience, to meet your needs.
  • Step Four – We will ask you to undertake the Mandatory 14 module training (if not yet completed).
    This training provides the core knowledge that all carers need in order to consistently deliver quality care services.
  • Step Five – We will begin to match you with care seekers who need the services that you offer.
    We will also provide you with an App. All new client work will be displayed on the app and you can decide whether or not to build your hours and put your name forward.


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Take the first step, call or submit the simple form below.

When you register your interest, we will give you a call. We’ll find out a little more about you and you can find out about us. You can then decide on your next steps.