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Join our community of over 1000 visiting day time, overnight and self employed live in care jobs in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hants, Berkshire, Bucks and Cheshire for seakr care professionals across England, Scotland and wales.

Imagine the freedom of choosing your clients and the nature of care you like to provide. Whether you are an expert companion for mobile vulnerable adults that like days out and about, a specialist in cognitive health caring for older adults with Alzheimer’s Disease or Vascular Dementia, well versed in post-operative mobility and manual handling, hoisting and personal care, or even a Complex Care professional with Spinal Injuries experience, with or without ventilation, we always have home care jobs and self employed live in care jobs across the UK for seakr carers.

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We always have quality home care jobs for our private care professionals. Imagine working with over 1000 other like-minded home carers just like you.

Join the only care company in the UK where carers work together and for one another, rather than in competition. They can help you to find a
job as a carer because they need cover from you for breaks and holidays.

There are more than enough clients for all of us, so let’s pull together and offer even more value and support to your clients and to each other. If you feel that Seakr could enable you to take back control of your work life, let’s get the ball rolling.
With so many vulnerable people out there asking how to find a private carer, we simply make finding a private carer easy, whilst giving you the freedom to choose from the best home carer jobs.

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Do you feel trapped, tired and undervalued by your employer? Do you have to accept the clients and shifts they rota, just to make up enough hours to give you the income you need? Or perhaps you are an experienced independent, private carer and need more clients or maybe you’re really busy and wish you could take a holiday? 

Home care jobs often lack true freedom. Care Freedom is all about you taking control of where and when you work, who you work with and deciding how much you feel is fair to charge for the important work that you do every day.

care seakr understands that you are sometimes under pressure at work and in your personal life. That’s why joining us is so much more than just about all care jobs, We want a better life for you and your clients and with over 1000 seakr carers and growing fast, isn’t it time you joined us too?

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